Conservation and Tree Planting


Tree Planting

Individual trees (native broadleaves and conifers, exotic trees from one off to larger scale plantations. We can use biodegradable shelters and spirals or plant bare straight into the ground. Having undertaken schemes for the MOD, Forestry Commission, Woodland Trust and The Great Western Forest we are very experienced and can advise as well as carry out the above.


All hedges supplied and planted, but our speciality is mixed native hedging suited to our home area of the Kennet Valley and Wiltshire in general.

Post and Pre-Planting Preparation

Clearance of ground for planting, mechanically, with weed burners, or, less popular (for obvious reasons) chemically which has benefits as well as drawbacks but can be done in the least environmentally damaging ways and is often a good solution for the long term benefits of tree cover. We can clear around planted sites with our array of flails, tractors and strimmers and/or create the perfect growing environment for new plantations.

Wildlife Habitats

Using weed suppressant woodchip to control re-growth and creating wildlife drifts from logs and brash which make the most perfect conditions for small mammals, birds, snakes and all manner of birds and predatory species.

Barn Owl & Tawny Owl Boxes

We supply and are uniquely qualified (with working at height apparatus from our own MEWP to rope techniques) to site owl boxes as well as bat boxes and nesting sites for songbirds, including natural hollow logs attached to trees at height.


Although not a speciality we are expanding our knowledge and experience of the establishment of small wild flower areas and have had success with small plantations to date and hope to expand on this as we learn more.


Grey squirrels, muntjac and rabbits are the enemy of trees and hedges. Some protection by physical barriers is possible in the form of tree guards, which are effective and the elimination of pest species is not something some clients would find acceptable. However, advice and intervention are a service we can offer and have been able to carry out on several projects in the past.


As an aboriculture company who have carried out tree care, conservation and planting in the South of England and Wiltshire in particular we are experienced and able to assist with your requirements and have many contacts for those services we can’t offer ourselves.

Small wild flower patch in June.