We specialise in removing large dangerous trees in confined spaces. If there exists the option of making the tree safe then we would generally recommend this alternative, particularly in the case of mature trees, but often complete removal is the only viable course of action for various reasons, which might outweigh the claims of wildlife and conservation. A lot of our work is in fact done in conservation areas, and we have a close relationship with the tree officers for the various districts in which we work.
Official permission is required to carry out work on trees under a tree preservation order, for example, which is generally the case with mature specimens, and we will apply for any consent relevant to the job free of charge.

This willow tree was an emergency job for Landmarc which we were able to respond to in around one hour; one of the main stems had snapped out, rendering the remainder of the tree very unstable.

As can be seen it was in a residential area, overhanging a bus-stop, and so required urgent attention. We were able to winch the tree over after making an initial felling cut, using the land-rover mounted winch.

This sycamore was also left in a dangerous position after one of its main stems had failed. Since it was to be left as a stump, which would hopefully reshoot in due course, the only way to deal with it was to climb it and fell the tree in sections.