Storm Damage:

Storm Damage

Our speciality is dealing with weather damaged trees on either an emergency or more routine basis. We do this alongside our daily tree work as probably the most important aspect of our business, one which sets us aside from other less experienced companies as it takes a long time to gain the knowledge required to deal with this type of work. Trees and woodlands damaged by wind, snow or even flooding present an exceptional hazard to both the landowner and the general public. A number of arborists and forestry personnel are injured, or killed by the unique and dangerous additional problems presented by such trees which is why we have qualified ourselves to the highest possible level to deal with such issues.
It isn’t simply about being available at short notice (which we are) but also knowing what to do when we get there! This is why we are so regularly called out by our corporate clients as well as the council.
Some of the photos in this section will demonstrate the complex and lethal nature of working with storm damage, successfully.

In case you were wondering, the video clip of myself climbing in a storm without a helmet doesn’t demonstrate a disregard for safety, my helmet blew off in the wind and the tree needed removal quickly as the storm worsened-more important on this occasion than having a hat, though the circumstances for this job were exceptional.’